12 July 2017

A Day in Olympia

Daniel's family and I took a daytrip down to Olympia to celebrate his birthday!
I met his sisters' cat, Su-su. ♡ He was so friendly, and loved following us around.
Their house was surrounded by plants and flowers everywhere. The backyard was especially abundant in fruits and vegetables they've been growing!
 Before dinner, we took a walk around a park. 
 Daniel and his sister had a rock-skipping contest. Now I want to practice skipping rocks after seeing them...
 We headed back and talked while dinner was prepared~
 After dinner was ready, Daniel's sisters took us to the backyard as the sun was setting. The lights and growing vines created such a beautiful and intimate atmosphere. Eventually the vines will grow along the wires and create a canopy - something I'm super looking forward to see!
Flowers that his dad brought. Such a beautiful color!
A lot of their ingredients came from their garden. Someday I'd love to have a house and grow my own garden, ahhh!

We ended the night with a quiet, beautifully-sung Happy Birthday (in both English and Spanish!) and headed home.
See you later, Su-su~

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